Life Lessons through Energy Medicine

No one is broken and no one needs to be fixed we are in a constant state of Self Evolving. We are perfect in each moment because we are being the best we can be at every given moment. We make choices in our lives that create consequences. We are continuously evolving who we are by learning from our consequences. We are safe in every moment because we can always make a different choice. We are all made of the same energy. No one is better than or greater than anyone else. Energy is never created or destroyed it just is...

What I Offer...

Introduction to Energy Workshops - Learn about energy and your chakras and how to use it on a day to day basis. $50 per person (3 hr classes minimum five person per class)

Introduction to Pendulums - Learn how to work with pendulums. $60 per person (3 hr classes minimum five person per class includes cost of pendulum)

Self-care classes - learn how to help yourself and those you love by learning specific energy medicine techniques. $300 per person (Classes are 9am to 6pm minium 4 persons per class) There are five different workshops altogether 1 through 4 are each a one day workshop and 5 is a two day workshop.

Goal: Participants will experience Energy Medicine for personal growth and healing.

Description: Each Energy Medicine class addresses a specific concept and its impact on the energy system. In a safe, trusting environment, participants explore and experience energetic interventions based on an identified need(s), thus providing an opportunity for deep, holistic healing and personal growth.

Part 1 - Clearing the Self

The interrelated aspects of a person include the physical body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Energetic distortions within any of these areas can compromise health. Learn how to perform an in-depth assessment of the energy system and then give interventions to restore balance and energy flow. (8 contact hours)

Part 2 – Healing Wounds & Trauma

Our lives are affected by physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wounds stored in the energy system. Learn how to release the blocks to energy flow that can result from these wounds and become free from the past. (8 contact hours)

Part 3 – Changing Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs are stored in the energy field and dramatically influence how we lead our lives. Learn what beliefs may be adversely affecting your life and how to change them. Replace limiting beliefs with new ones that better serve your highest potential. (8 contact hours)

Part 4 – Healing Relationships Energetically

Healthy relationships are essential for personal well-being. Through assessment, evaluation and treatment of the energy centers, you can change your relationships. Learn how to free yourself from energetic ties affecting your personal growth. (8 contact hours)

Part 5 - Reshaping Family Dynamics

Family dynamics form energy patterns which shape our past, our present, and our future. This two-day course explores family energy patterns and provides techniques to change them through energetic interventions. Discover new ways of connecting between and among family members. (16 contact hours)

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